The portfolio performance is calculated on a time-weighted basis. I compare my portfolio performance to the S&P500. Alpha represents the outperformance (portfolio performance – benchmark performance)


The portfolio benchmark is the S&P500 index denominated in Euros.



Investing0711 Since Inception

Year Investing0711 SP500 EUR Alpha Net Worth
2014 9,665€
2015 -5.31% 10.61% -15.92% 9,631€
2016 17.99% 13.09% 4.90% 11,193€
2017 13.57% 4.7% 8.87% 22.749€
CAGR 8.26% 9.41% -1.15%

6 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. I see we have one name in common between our portfolios. I’m guessing you will be adding some more diversity to your holdings going forward. In all a great start and look forward to seeing your dividend income progress.


  2. Hi DivHut,

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope all the German doesn´t get in the way for most of the readers. There seems less interest for stocks in general in this country!

    Nevertheless it´s good to have somebody agreeing with at least one of my choices 😉 About diversification; actually I will try to keep my holdings limited to 10-15 positions, since I feel I am not able to track the investment thesis on more positions at a time.
    However that means that I am able to put a lot of time and effort into researching my actual and future holdings, which makes me more certain that I can avoid a permanent loss of capital, even though being less diversified.
    What I am more worried about than diversification among companies is my regional diversification, that exposes me to significant currency risk. This is a little offset by holdings such as TUP and PM that earn fully or a big part of revenue overseas, but nevertheless a reason for concern. I hope to be able to find more European holdings to invest in future.

    Thanks for the support! Hope to be able to accomplish what you have done over there!

    Best wishes!


  3. Ciao Investing0711,
    I have some difficulties with german, so I managed to read some of the articles with translator, what doesn’t need translation though is the Portfolio 🙂
    As DH up was saying is quite limited, but I envy you a lot, mine has grown too large and I am trying to reduce it (it’s one of my targets for 2015).
    Quite interested in your holding of Berkshier Hatway (as they do not pay dvidends), while I see that you do not keep any European stocks, how comes?

    Ciao ciao



    1. Hola Stalfare!

      Thanks for the feedback!
      In one of my articles I explained why I more or less quit dividend growth investing even though my current approach is not that successful so far ;). But I had several reasons for doing so. First I believe that in the current ZIRP-Environment there is a movement towards yield, leading to overpricing of dividend-payers. Second, at the moment and hopefully in the next few years I do not require any dividend income to cover expenses. Therefore I do not see the need to limit myself to dividend paying stocks, when there are also first class compounding machines out there that find profitable ways to invest their retained earnings (e.g. Berkshire Hathaway and Davita)
      About European companies. I am very willing to hold European companies, since this would to some degree limit currency risk, in case the operations are largely based in Eurocountries. However, I feel there is so little coverage of European equities, making it hard to come up with ideas and the usual suspects like unilever & co are to expensive for my taste.



      1. Ciao Invest,

        I understand… As a matter of fact coverage of European companies is REALLY hard to find for me too, that is also why part of the portfolio is allocated to the US and UK, actually I should say the major part… As to me I am all about dividends in this very moment, so Berkshire is on my radar but for “other portfolios”… What metrics do you use to select the stocks?

        ciao ciao



        1. Usually this should be a plus, since less coverage means a greater chance of undervaluation. However, I even cannot find any screeners that are usable for free. Morningstar in that case is as good as it gets. This makes it hard to even get into a more detailed analysis.
          The stocks I am holding they are not really selected according to specific metrics. Many of them feature high returns on equity & ROIC in combination with a low/reasonable valuation. But buying an index has proven to be the better strategy so far. However in the long run I hope to achieve an outperformance.

          btw: nice blog over there, I will definitely stop by from time to time 😉


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