Why Bitcoin´s Own Success Will Kill It

Not a day passes without the mentioning of Bitcoin or BTC. At work, in the subway, at grandmas 80s birthday or the local insurance guy; just about everybody talks BTC these days. Discussions, however, almost always circle around the fact how BTC has risen over 1000% within a year and all the money one has/could have made by buying BTC. Rarely I observe critical questioning and thinking of where the real value of this freshman financial asset lies. Should these discussions ever come up the bull case centres around these two arguments; “BTC is the better gold” and “BTC is a currency everyone is going to use”. Let me briefly talk about that.

Will BTC be a world currency?
Picture the financial system relying on BTC. It would look something like this: While limiting the amount of coins issued to 21mm is one of BTCs biggest selling arguments it is at the same time its achilles heel Continue reading


Tremendous Potential at MEI Pharma!

MEI Pharma is an idea brought to my attention by a fellow value investor. Thanks a lot!

I believe that the essence of value investing lies in the uncovering of highly positively skewed bets. Such bets feature the favourable combination of very little risk for permanent impairment of capital and high reward. Value investors focus primarily on the mitigation of downside risks when evaluating whether or not a security is investible. Doing that they seek comfort in robust cash-flows or tangible asset bases that serve as solid lower bound to share prices. Only when it can be assured with reasonable certainty that the downside is minimal an investment awakens interest.

Pre revenue cancer therapy developer MEI Pharma exactly ticks this box. Immediate downside is very limited given the equity is trading at net cash, while the upside is a nice 7.5x. Continue reading

Meetup in Stuttgart!

Shoutout an alle Value Investoren, die die es werden möchten und jeden anderen Interessierten im Raum Stuttgart! Um sich und die örtliche Valueszene ein wenig kennen zu lernen ist am Freitag, den 4. November 2016, ein Treffen in Stuttgart geplant. Wir wollen mit möglichst vielen Gleichgesinnten zusammen essen, trinken und uns über Value Investmentkonzepte bzw. Ideen oder auch alles andere unterhalten. Los geht es um 19:00 Uhr im Lumen. Unter folgendem Link findet Ihr die Adresse und weitere Details:


Wer dabei sein möchte bitte kurz im obigen Link zusagen. Wir freuen uns!